What's inside the kit?

  • iFLO® device that will attach to your air handler

  • Device hanger, adhesive and level for attaching your iFLO® to your air handler

  • Drain line access connector

  • Drain line access adapter

  • PVC pipe drill bit and guide

  • iFLO Tubing

    Tubing for connecting iFLO® device to air handler drain line

  • 4 AA batteries for the device

  • 36fl oz of iFLO® cleaning solution

  • Cleaning wipe

How it works!

  • It takes 5 minutes to install and is DIY-friendly!
  • iFLO® connects to your wifi and uses smart technology to run on an automated maintenance schedule
  • Automatically dispenses ensuring you never miss a cleaning cycle
  • Adapts to seasonality changes in your region to optimize your dispensing schedule
  • The 36 fl oz bottle is designed to last 3 months
  • iFLO® is battery-powered, outages won’t ever disrupt your maintenance schedule
  • Premium support is available through live chat and real-time support lines 24/7/365

Feel confident installing your iFLO®

Your HVAC looks intimidating -- We get it. If how-to videos and instruction manuals are not enough to get you through the installation, our support team is a quick call away to guide you through the iFLO® setup and installation process.

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