iFLO® Smart Automated A/C Drain Line Cleaner

The newest HVAC innovation since the smart thermostat.

iFLO® is a revolutionary device changing the way you maintain your HVAC system. By proactively maintaining your A/C drain line, iFLO® helps keep your A/C working at peak performance -- especially when you need it most.

Automatically Cleans A/C Drain Line

Prevents Air Conditioner Shutoffs

Protects Against Leaks & Water Damage

Automatically Cleans A/C Drain LineAutomatically Cleans
A/C Drain Line

Prevents Air Conditioner ShutoffsPrevents
Air Conditioner Shutoffs

Protects against leaks & water damageProtects Against
Leaks & Water Damage

Enjoy Peace of Mind. Eliminate HVAC Nightmares

Clogged drain lines are the most common cause of AC shut offs. iFLO™ helps prevent clogs, backups, shut offs, leaks, and water damage. Ultimately saving homeowners money and headaches, while keeping their AC running at peak performance.

Unlock Valuable Time with iFLO®

With iFLO® your HVAC maintenance becomes scheduled, proactive, and
hands-free. Flushing your A/C drain lines with harmful chemicals or running a hose through your home are a thing of the past. Those ineffective, time-consuming DIY tricks are an old, antiquated chore you will never miss.

Savings That Satisfy

Keeping your drain lines clear is the only proven way of minimizing clogs—the most common cause of A/C shut-offs and leaking. With iFLO®, you can easily avoid costly repair bills and safeguard your home against water damage. 

Stay in control with the iFLO® App

Dynamic A/C Maintenance

The iFLO® app uses geolocation and senses changes in weather patterns of your region. This empowers your device with the capability to respond to the unexpected and adapt its maintenance routine. It will adjust your dispensing schedule based on what’s happening outside.

All in One Place

Conveniently monitor the status of your iFLO® devices and their locations in our app.

Stay up-to-date with maintenance

Receive real time alerts from your iFLO® device. You will be notified if your device goes offline, when a bottle has been removed, batteries need to be replaced, and if your device was unable to perform its scheduled maintenance. iFLO® will let you know immediately so you can take the proper action.

Premium Support

iFLO® customers will be able to access our 24/7/365 support team. Available through live chat and real-time support lines.

iFLO® Core Protection

Reliable—even when your internet isn’t. Your iFLO® will continue to function without interruption even when your Wi-Fi is down—guaranteeing that your A/C & home stay protected.

Subscribe and Save

Easily manage your iFLO® refills from the app. Your subscription includes auto-ship and recurring discounts on iFLO® product purchases.

Quick & Easy Installation

The iFLO® device takes just a few minutes to install. Additionally, the iFLO® mobile app features a step-by-step setup guide, and interactive how-to videos.

Ensure Constant Protection

Skip the trip to the store and get iFLO® refill bottles delivered right to your door.

iFLO® subscribe and save ensures your A/C stays protected year-round. Save time and money with auto-ship and recurring discounts on iFLO® product purchases.

Subscribe & Save
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Your new proactive approach to HVAC maintenance.

Save time & money. Be proactive. Get iFLO®

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