Helps Protect Your Home From AC Shut-Offs & Costly Water Damage

Clogged drain lines are the most common cause of AC shut-offs and leaking. iFLO™ helps prevent clogs, backups, shutdowns, leaks and water damage, saving homeowners money and headaches, all while keeping ACs running at peak performance.

iFLO™ Smart Automated AC Drain Line Cleaner 

The newest innovation in HVAC since the smart thermostat

iFLO™ is the easiest way to proactively maintain your AC—simplifying your life, saving you time & money. The only “smart” IoT device of its kind on the market, iFLO™ is a game-changer, helping to keep your AC working at peak performance—especially when you need it most.  


iFLO helps eliminate Maintenance billsHelps Eliminate
Maintenance Bills

IFLO Ensures optimal AC performanceEnsures Optimal
AC Performance

IFLO Drain Cleaner Easy InstallationEasy Installation
DIY Friendly

IFLO Quick installation/Setup5 Minute Setup
So Simple. So Smart.

Say Goodbye to AC Shut-Offs, Leaking & Water Damage 

iFLO™ destroys Zooglea, the root cause of AC clogs, by dispensing a proprietary cleaning solution directly into the AC drain line. iFLO™ performs routine maintenance automatically using a custom schedule based on the location of your home. Using powerful & proprietary AI, iFLO™ intelligently adapts to any changes in regional weather—like unseasonably high temperatures or humidity—and reacts by automatically adjusting your schedule.

Stay in control with the iFLO™ mobile app

Dynamic AI-Powered AC Maintenance

The iFLO™ App uses geolocation, allowing your device to harness powerful, reactive artificial intelligence that automatically senses changes in the typical weather patterns of your region. This empowers your device with the capability to respond to the unexpected. Thanks to proprietary AI, iFLO can adapt its maintenance routine by adjusting its operating schedule—based on what’s happening outside in the real world.

All Your Devices, All Your Homes. All in One Place.

Conveniently monitor the status of all your iFLO™ devices in one place. Easily manage all of your locations within the user-friendly dashboard.

Timely Notifications & Reminders

Never lose protection. Receive real-time alerts if your iFLO™ Device goes offline and loses WiFi, if a bottle is removed. If your device doesn’t perform scheduled maintenance for any reason, we’ll let you know immediately so you can take action. Reminders for when you’re running low on iFLO™ Solution or battery further empower you to keep your home and AC safeguarded

Premium Support

iFLO™ customers will be able to access our 24/7/365 support team. Available through live chat and real-time support lines.

iFLO™ Core Protection

Reliable—even when your internet isn’t. IFLO™ Core Protection is a maintenance schedule based on over 50 years of historical weather data and AC usage patterns and will continue to function without interruption even when your WiFi is down—guaranteeing that your AC & home stay protected.

iFLO Subscription

Easily manage your iFLO™ Subscription from within the app. Add auto-ship for new locations, update payment information, and even purchase new devices—all from directly within the iFLO™ App.

Quick & Easy Installation

The iFLO™ device takes just a few minutes to install. Additionally, the iFLO™ mobile app features a step-by-step setup guide, and interactive how-to videos.

Unlock Valuable Time with iFLO™

The iFLO™ smart home device provides an easier & more effective solution than current DIY hacks, which don't address the root cause of your AC backing up or shutting off, making it likely for the issue to recur. It's been proven that these solutions are ineffective, time-consuming, and messy.

Embrace Long-Term Savings

Keeping your drain lines clear is the only proven way of minimizing clogs—the most common cause of AC shut-offs and leaking. With iFLO™, you can easily avoid costly repair bills and safeguard your home against water damage. 

Start taking a proactive approach to HVAC maintenance today.

Save time. Save Money. Get proactive. Get iFLO™.

  • Know what's growing inside your AC drain lines

    The white slime, mucus-like substance that you've seen ooze out of your drain lines is a bacteria called Zooglea also known as Elephant Snot.

  • How does it form?

    It forms when germs travel through the air combining with other microscopic biological particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander. It builds up and becomes thick enough to clog your drain lines backing up your AC and causing leaks inside your home.

  • A Zooglea Safehaven

    Newer AC models lack the same makeup of aluminum and copper that older units once provided. Aluminum and copper are known to prevent bacterial growth. With copper ions missing, Zooglea is now more likely to build up and live in your AC drain lines eventually causing them to clog or shut down.

  • The Dangers of Zooglea

    Bacteria itself is not usually harmful but the buildup of Zooglea can pose some threats to your home-- such as clogged drain lines which lead to leaking, and water damage and promote the growth of mold in ductwork and insulation. Left unchecked and you may have a real health hazard on your hands.

Maintain Constant Protection with the iFLO™ subscription

Save Money  

Get your refills at a discount with auto-ship. Subscriptions include only what you need based on your region and AC usage.

Save Time

Skip that extra trip to the store. iFLO™ Subscription conveniently delivers constant, total protection right to your door.

Ensure Constant Protection

iFLO™ Subscription not only saves time & money—it also guarantees that your home stays
reliably protected from AC clogs, leaks, and shut-offs.


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