The Newest HVAC Innovation Since The Smart Thermostat

The first-of-its-kind, iFLO® is a smart automated device that dispenses a bio-enzymatic cleaning solution directly into the AC drain pan and drain line, actively breaking down and flushing out the build-up that leads to clogs, floods and shutdowns.

Become an iFLO Pro

Convert Customer Nuisance calls to:

  • Positive Revenue
  • Positive Customer Service
  • Positive Customer Satisfaction
  • Get real-time notifications from your customers
iFLO Pro

iFLO® is on a mission to save homeowners from costly clogs and HVAC technicians from nuisance calls.

When you install iFLO® on a new HVAC unit, you are adding an extra layer of protection, especially during the first-year warranty period.

When you install iFLO® on an older AC unit you are extending the life of the unit and avoiding clogs, floods and shutdowns.

iFLO® Pro Benefits & Perks

Real Time Outbound calls
The iFLO harness connects to any float switch and notifies the HVAC Pro and the home owner/ business owner in real-time when their float switch is tripped enabling the PRO to proactively dispatch an HVAC tech to the home/business owner’s location.
Real Time Outbound calls
We provide iFLO® Technicians with a custom admin panel to identify the status and location of the customers iFLO® device and float switch
Real Time Outbound calls
The iFLO® Admin panel and CRM integration allow for easy management of the customer's system and allows you to service customer needs proactively

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  • Air Pro Usa
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