iFLO Smart Automated AC Drain Line Cleaning System Provides First Time Connected Solutions for Industry Experts

iFLO Smart Automated AC Drain Line Cleaning System Provides First Time Connected Solutions for Industry Experts

CHICAGO (January 22, 2024)Take control of the HVAC unit with iFLO® a smart automatic drain pan & condensate drain line cleaner. iFLO is the first and ONLY patented automated HVAC drain line cleaning solution. The newest innovation in HVAC since the smart thermostat,iFLO is on a mission to save HVAC technicians from nuisance calls, the negative customer experience from a leaking AC (post install), and homeowners from unnecessary costly clogs, floods, and AC shutdowns.

iFLO is launching at the AHR Expo in Chicago (January 22nd-24th) with partners WatscoDistribution, and Dealers: Air Pro's, All Year Cooling. Come visit booth N2067 for a demo and meet inventor Joe McDonnell.

iFLO is so simple, and so smart, here’s how it works:

iFLO is an AI powered smart device that connects to your phone, automatically identifying geographical location and customizes performance based upon local temperature and humidity via the proprietary iFLO app.
The iFLO device uses a bio-enzymatic surfactant cleaning solution specifically designed to break down Zooglea and automatically dispenses it on a customized schedule to keepthe drain lines clear year-round.
iFLO prevents clogs, backups, shutdowns, leaks, and water damage, saving homeowners money and headaches, all while keeping ACs running at peak performance.

For the PROS:

The iFLO harness connects to any float switch and notifies the HVAC Pro and the homeowner/business owner in real time when their float switch is tripped enabling the PRO to proactively dispatch an HVAC tech to the home/business owner’s location.
The iFLO dealer administration panel and CRM integration allow for easy management of the customers system.
iFLO allows the dealer to call the customer and schedule service proactively.

Become an iFLO Technician and Get Qualified Business Leads! The iFLO team provides full training to become a certified installer. Once certified PROs are part of the iFLO Tech Team that is advertised on the iFLO website as well as in the APP under “need additional help” (app is geo located). 

Install iFLO from the start! When an HVAC Expert includes iFLO on a new HVAC unit, it ensures the unit will run smoothly and adds a layer of protection, which is especially helpfulduring the first-year warranty period of a new HVAC unit. HVAC professionals typically absorb costs or work with insurance companies to be compensated for calls during this period. Often those first-year calls are attributed to clogged drain lines that have led to AC shutoffs. iFLO was invented to specifically target and solve this issue alleviating both homeowners and HVAC professionals. The number of ACs replaced every year has increased by 5-6%, and with aluminum replacing cooper (an antimicrobial inhibitor) Zooglea and service calls are on the rise, further exacerbating the problem.  

“iFLO is a revolutionary smart home product that will change the landscape for servicing and maintaining HVAC units,” says Joe McDonnell, iFLO inventor, “By installing iFLO a PRO can benefit from: positive incremental revenue, positive customer service, positive customer satisfaction, and get real-time alerts of your customer’s HVAC systems. Convert those customer nuisance calls into a positive for everyone with iFLO.”

 iFLO Kit Includes: Device, 36oz PRO Drain Cleaner cartridge, Drain Line Connector/Adaptor

Learn more at https://iflo.com/ visit us at booth N2067 at AHR in Chicago January 22-24.

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Inventor, Joe McDonnell is a successful entrepreneur and inventor with over 68 US Patents (utility) issued. Founding his first company in 1989, Joe is an expert in product development, sourcing, marketing, sales, management, and distribution for the last 35+ years. Joe most recently sold his last company For Life Products LLC, where he founded and developed the Rejuvenate brand of home surface care products sold in Lowes and The Home Depot.

Joe created the iFLO to solve a real-life problem: preventing his HVAC systems from constantly getting clogged while living in Florida. Joe was tired of being woken up at 3 AM to an AC that had shut off, leaving the temperature in his home very hot and uncomfortable. Refusing to wait 1-2 days for an AC repair company, Joe repeatedly found himself outside his home, with a flashlight and wet vacuum, clearing his clogged drain lines in the pitch black. After experiencing this repeatedly, Joe decided to create a true solution to this problem.

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