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    Maintenance Bills

  • Ensures Optimal

    AC Performance

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HVAC maintenance, but make it proactive!

iFLO® eradicates Zooglea, the fundamental source of A/C blockages, by delivering an exclusive cleansing formula directly into the A/C drain line. Operating on a tailored timetable determined by your home's location, iFLO® conducts regular maintenance with utmost convenience. Empowered by advanced and exclusive AI technology, iFLO® astutely responds to shifts in local weather conditions, such as unexpected spikes in temperature or humidity, by seamlessly adapting and updating your maintenance schedule automatically.

You are always in control with iFLO®

iFLO® mobile app makes it easy to stay on top of your HVAC maintenance

Hassle-free HVAC maintenance from the palm of your hand with iFLO®

Dynamic AI-Powered Maintenance

The iFLO® app uses geolocation and reactive artificial intelligence that automatically senses changes in the typical weather patterns of your region.

All in one place

Monitor the status of all your iFLO® devices in one place. Easily manage all of your locations within the user-friendly dashboard.

Notifications & Reminders

Receive real-time alerts if your iFLO® Device goes offline, loses WiF, is running low on battery, if a bottle is removed, and if your device doesn’t perform scheduled maintenance.

Premium Support

Whether it's the installation process or questions about your iFLOz™ devive, our customer service team if there to help. Available 24/7/365 through live chat and real-time support lines.

iFLO® Core Protection

iFLO® Core Protection represents a maintenance timetable derived from more than 50 years of past weather data and air conditioning usage trends. It remains operational seamlessly even in the event of WiFi downtime, ensuring the constant safeguarding of your air conditioning and home.

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The iFLO® smart home device offers a more convenient and efficient alternative to existing DIY approaches, which fail to tackle the fundamental reasons behind A/C backups or shutdowns, increasing the chances of problem recurrence. Research confirms that these methods are inadequate, time consuming, and messy.

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Maintaining clear drain lines stands as the singular proven approach to minimize blockages—the primary culprits behind A/C shutdowns and leaks. iFLO® offers you an effortless solution to steer clear of high repair costs and fortify your home against the risk of water damage.

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