model: 23213



  • iFLO™ connects to your wifi and uses AI to run on an automated maintenance schedule
  • Should your wifi connection get lost, the iFLO™ is set to automatically dispense ensuring you never miss a cleaning cycle
  • iFLO™ adapts to seasonality changes in your region to optimize your dispensing schedule
  • The 36 fl oz bottle is designed to last 3 months and the 72 fl oz bottle will last about 6 months.
  • Our product is eco-friendly and made in the USA!
  • The device is easy to install, takes 5 minutes, and is DIY friendly!
  • The iFLO™ kit brings everything you need for a smooth and seamless experience as well as how-to videos and step-by-step instructions available in the mobile app
  • Because iFLO™ is battery-powered, outages won’t ever disrupt your maintenance schedule
  • Keeping your maintenance plan on schedule as never been easier. Our Subscribe and save program auto-ships an iFLO™ solution refill bottle when you begin running low
  • · Premium support is available through live chat and real-time support lines 24/7/365
  • Whether your batteries are running low, or your bottle is due for a refill, you will receive timely reminders and alerts from iFLO™ via the mobile app
  • Multiple AC handlers and homes? – we make it easy to manage all your locations within the user-friendly dashboard inside the iFLO™ mobile app
iFLO product package opened

What's in the kit?

  • iFLO Smart HVAC Drain Cleaner Device

    The iFLO™ device that will attach to your Air Handler and will keep the drain lines clear

  • iFLO Hanger

    Device hanger, adhesive and level for attaching your iFlo to the Air Handler

  • iFLO HandDrill

    Optional hand drill for connecting to Air Handler drainline

  • iFLO Conector

    Adapters to connect to Air handler Drainline

  • iFLO Batteries

    4 AA batteries for running the iFlo device

  • 3 month supply of iFLO patented and environmentally friendly cleaning fluid

Feel confident installing your iFLO™

The HVAC is intimidating -- We get it. If how-to videos and instruction manuals are not enough to get you through the installation, our support team is a quick call away to guide you.